What more clients are saying:

“Jerry is one of those rare guys who can keep the big picture objective working at executive levels and pull a broad group of people together and get stuff done. He was asked to parachute into a politically difficult situation that had little clarity, without much teaming, and he quickly established credibility with the VP, clarified objectives, built the plan and pulled the team behind it...He has the courage and maturity to take on the most challenging situations and do the right thing...He is one of a kind.”
    Jim Arena, Director, Office of the CEO, Hewlett Packard

Jerry brings a broad business background as well as a strong orientation to people’s development and their dynamics within organizations. As a consultant, he provided tools and resources from multiple viewpoints and his own experience that provided valuable perspective on my organization’s issues. Jerry expertly weaves together his strong business and OD background to find and deliver strong solutions to business issues. I'd highly recommend Jerry Zygmuntowicz as a business partner.
    Julie Bulrice, Director of Development & Training, adidas America

“Jerry’s persistence, and organizational and communication skills provided the "edge" we needed to get traction...He is a fantastic listener with a keen eye to the business value of everything we propose and has been very good at helping us understand...our business value. He has also helped us understand the bigger picture—something that is hard for us to see when we are so industry focused!”
    Bill Davenhall, Director, ESRI

“...Jerry was very influential in having the company's investment in the program return system business value beyond expectations. He provided...valuable listening, reflection, and engagement. The participants respected him...based on how he managed his presence. This business team was fortunate to have Jerry present to catalyze and legitimize their developmental work at a critical time for them, and in a way that accelerated their contribution in the larger business system.”
    Jim Motroni, President, Conversant Consulting

“I was delighted to work with Jerry... from our first meeting, I could tell that he is a superb communicator and collaborator. Jerry put 100% of himself into the project, was highly knowledgeable..., and was very responsive to my requests for information. His expertise and collaboration really made all the difference in my being able to meet a tight deadline and produce a high quality brochure. He'd be a great addition to any project team and any company.”
    Sandy Profeta, Owner, Tiger Heron LLC